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1230 persuasive speeches and evaluations

Hi Class. Please post your persuasive presentation links here for your colleagues to evaluate. Evaluators can post complete evaluations along with questions for the speaker here as well. E-mail Professor Stefani your video link, your outline, your bibliography, your survey tally sheet and your presentation aid in separate PDF files.


Anonymous Jennifer Sowers said...

Jennifer Sowers responding to Vince G

Student Evaluation Form for the Persuasive Speech:
Speaker: Vince Guida
Respondent: Jennifer Sowers

How did you feel about the position taken on this topic before hearing the speech?
I didn’t have much opinion on soccer before this. I did play for a short time, but I moved on pretty quickly and it didn’t have that much impact on my life as a whole.

How effective was the introduction? Did it capture the audience’s attention?
The speaker’s passion for this subject was clear immediately and while the introduction was very short, I still wanted to listen because of the obvious enthusiasm on the subject.

Did the speaker adequately create the need or state the significance of the topic? Did the speaker appeal to the needs and values of the audience?
Yes. He used the information he got from the surveys to show that it was likely the audience cared about the topic.
Was the speech organized, using signposting, good supporting evidence, sound logic, and smooth transitions?
I heard the preview of the speech which setup my expectations for what was coming. There was enough supporting evidence, and also his own credibility made him see trustworthy. The only thing I don’t think I heard each step from the sequence we were taught which just made me a little bit confused about what I was actually being persuaded to do.

Was the solution fully explained? Was the solution workable? Did it meet audience objections?
This is another thing that I was a little confused about. I’m assuming after the end of the speech that the solution was to play soccer, I just don’t think it was super well defined during the speech. I also didn’t hear the meeting objection point during the speech.

Comment on the specific action that the speaker requested.
I thought the first action was a fun idea, no idea if I can do it but he made me want to give it a try… I don’t have a soccer ball but maybe I can improvise. I also liked that he provided two options, the second option doesn’t require much effort but will still help us enjoy soccer again, at least the entertainment aspect of the sport so I felt the actions were good.
How effective was the ending?
I don’t feel that the ending was particularly effective. It ended with the challenge which I do like because whatever you talk about last is definitely something we’re going to remember but I think it could have been more effective if there had been a little more after that.
How effective was the speaker’s physical delivery?
I felt like his physical delivery was fairly good, there was a little bit of verbal clutter that could have been cleaned up, but his movement was good, and his energy was great.
How did you feel about the topic after hearing the speech? Were the speakers arguments convincing to you?
I really enjoyed his energy and enthusiasm, like I said before. I’ve always been very physically active but soccer just isn’t my sport of choice. However, I did enjoy listening and I definitely know a little bit more about how important soccer is to some people.

Question: My question is why is soccer specifically better than other sports, like what makes it more special to you than say American football or baseball?

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Anonymous Nathan Willis said...

Here's my speech:

7:40 PM  
Anonymous Carlos Emanuel Dexter said...

Carlos Dexter 12:30 Persuasive Speech Video link

3:44 AM  
Blogger Unknown said...

Kimberly Lopez, 12:30, Persuasive Speech

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Anonymous mick m. said...

Mick M. Evaluating Carlos D.

Great speech man, really. You've got a talent for this stuff, bravo. Here's a link to the evaluation.

My questions for you are:

What specific ways can someone lower their screen usage? I understand that screen time monitor apps can help us see how much we are using our phones, but how can I limit my screen time?

You talked about how the one control group that used their phones a lot were seen as being linked to higher levels of depression. Does the study prove that screen time is a causation for their depression or just a correlation?

What specific parental control app would you recommend to a parent who wants to control how much screen time their child uses?

11:12 PM  
Anonymous mick m. said...

mick m evaluating nathan w

Hey Nathan, great topic. Here is a link to my evaluation. My criticism is purely constructive and I hope it helps. Overall, good speech and indeed a noble cause. I am happy to share that I am a registered voter.

some questions:

Why is it that the popular vote sometimes determines one candidate the winner of the presidential election, and yet, the Electoral College determines a different candidate to be the winner? If the Electoral College makes the decision, why should we vote?

What can you say to people who claim that elections are rigged? How can we encourage people to vote despite rumors of foreign governments interfering in our voting?

How do I sign up for a mail-in ballot?

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Blogger Unknown said...

Here's a link to my speech!
Thank you! - Kai Ternus

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Anonymous Jackson Zavodny said...

Jackson Zavodny here :)

Here's my persuasive speech:

I recorded it on my laptop, so audio and video may not be the highest quality. I hope everyone's doing well!

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Anonymous Carlos Emanuel Dexter said...

In response to Mick's questions.

Thank you Mick for the compliment it really means a lot!
In response to your questions, a good way to stay on top of your screen usage is to schedule time for free time and have your phone as an option during that free time rather than just limiting it all together. Make a daily schedule and try your best to stick to it. For example, you could schedule 2 hours or more of free time and allow yourself to do whatever you feel for that time till it's over. This allows you to discover other things that pique your interest other than your phone which could build lasting habits doing other things, therefore slowly diminishing the need for smartphone usage.

For the study in which it was stated that extended screen time caused depression, I will be honest there is no way to know if the depression was caused by the extended screen time as other variables in these people's lives were not measured so in all fairness it very well could be just a correlation.

When it comes to apps parents can use to limit phone usage for their kids, its actually quite common for phones to have built-in parental controls in accessibility settings on your phone which can limit the time the phone is used and what apps at certain times and can put the options for the parental controls under lock with a password created by the parents. But if we are talking apps and a great one to try out I recommend is Bark although it is quite controversial due to how much it intrudes on privacy.

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Anonymous mick m. said...

mick m evaluating jackson z. 12:30

Hi Jackson, and thank you for uploading a speech. I'm sorry you had issues with filming. It's definitely challenging. Here are my three questions for you:

You mentioned made a claim that "studies show that when cash is given to the poor, there is no rise in drug or alcohol use." which studies are you referring to?

You mentioned that most other countries already have a value at a tax, and that Europe's is 20%. Is that true for the entire continent, or just for specific countries, and if so, which ones?

You said yourself that the UBI could be used to go on vacation, yet also suggested that UBI would be used responsibly by the poor. What do you say to critics of UBI who are worried that the income would be used to buy unnecessary things--things such as going on vacation?

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Anonymous mick m. said...

mick m. evaluating kim l. 1230

Kim, thanks for posting a video. Who doesn't like music, right? Here are my 3 questions.

Is there a particular genre of music or particular band/artist that researchers have found to be more effective in reducing stress levels?

How does listening to music impact productivity or things other than just stress?

Are there particular instances where listening to music can be harmful? Do genres like gangsta rap and heavy metal, for instance, sometimes make people angry (even if they like it, and by your suggestion, music we like is good for us)?

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Anonymous Heather Lizardi said...

Here is my Veganism Persuasive speech -
I hope you and your families are well! Stay safe!

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